We are the Pitchforks


Founded in 1979, The Pitchforks are the oldest a cappella group at Duke University. They perform on campus and across the country throughout the year, appearing in venues ranging from dorm common rooms to professional sports arenas. They have sung the national anthem at Chicago Bulls and Duke Basketball games, showcased themselves before the Queen of Jordan, and even opened for Ben Folds in 2009 and The Band Perry in 2015. In 2014, the ‘Forks crossed the Atlantic to tour with some of Britain’s best collegiate singers. Back at Duke, the Parents’ Weekend Fall Classic and the Gothic Christmas concert are two of the group’s favorite traditions.

With fifteen albums released so far, The Pitchforks have a long history of studio recording. Seven tracks have been featured on BOCA compilations since 1997, and the group has twice won the CARA Award for Best Male Collegiate Album nationally with Bring It Back (2006) and Disconcert (2008). Their 2010 album, All In, was awarded runner-up for the same distinction and won Best Male Collegiate Song and Best Male Collegiate Arrangement with its hit single, "Fireflies." The Pitchforks’ most recent release, Refraction (2012), another runner-up for Best Male Collegiate Album, also scored a CARA Arrangement Award for its unique take on “Hallelujah.”


What People Say About The Pitchforks

  • "The Pitchforks are one of the best collegiate a cappella groups in the world today..."

- Nick Anderson-Frey (RARB)

  • "The Pitchforks continue to be one of the top male groups in the country"

- Thomas King (RARB)


Jonathan Chou (Senior - Tenor 1 - Music Director/Performance Director)

Cole Jenson (Senior - Baritone - Business Manager/Webmaster) 

Will Kline (Senior - Baritone - Social Chair)

J.J. Moncus (Junior - Bass - President)

Gustavo Andrade (Junior -  Tenor 2) 

Drew Johnson (Junior - Baritone ) 

Chris Kleypas (Junior - Tenor 2 - Vice President of internal affairs)

David Pfeiffer (Junior -   Tenor 1)

Michael Acker (Sophomore - Tenor 2 - Assistant Music Director) 

Kevin Garofolo (Sophomore - Baritone - Merchandise Chair)

Sam Osheroff (Sophomore - Bass - Social Chair)

Alex Pierson (Sophomore - Bass - Social Media Manager/Alumni Affairs/Outreach Chair)

 Kiran Nagar (Sophomore - Baritone)

Kiran Nagar (Sophomore - Baritone)

 Caleb Chiang (Freshman - Bass/Vocal Percussion)

Caleb Chiang (Freshman - Bass/Vocal Percussion)

 Shams Elbardissy (Freshman - Tenor 2)

Shams Elbardissy (Freshman - Tenor 2)

 Allan Khankari (Freshman - Baritone)

Allan Khankari (Freshman - Baritone)

 Andrew Zheng (Freshman - Tenor 2)   

Andrew Zheng (Freshman - Tenor 2)


Camden Town Cover.jpg

Camden Town

by The Pitchforks

The Camden Town EP is the latest Pitchforks release, following Refraction in 2012. We are very excited to share it with you! 


Contact Us

The Pitchforks are available throughout the year to perform at a wide variety of events. We regularly perform at dinners, fundraisers, weddings, and university functions, and are always looking for new opportunities. To inquire further, please email us at

For questions about auditions contact